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About H20Alarm LLC

H2O Alarm was created to help alarm companies better justify their monthly monitoring rates. With Google buying Nest and with large corporations entering the alarm and security industry, we wanted to create products that add more protection for the homeowner and ensure alarm companies of monthly monitoring.

Increase your business with h2o alarm

At H2O Alarm we understand the alarm and security industry. More than ever, consumers look at the value of every dollar they spend and this is especially true for monthly alarm monitoring. If you can add one or more points of water alarm monitoring it will dramatically increase the overall value of your monthly monitor package. So increase the value and increase your sales.

We are excited to place a customer-focused security solution such as H2O Alarm into your selling process. Competition is fierce and monitoring is over commoditized. Customers too quickly drop monitoring services when cutting budgets, but when you simply add-on H2O Alarms then you can expand your overall value to what your customers receive 24-7.

Remember not to change anything you’re currently doing in the sales presentation that is making you successful. However, it is necessary to seriously consider adding on H2O Alarm to every package. This will allow you to expand marketing to new and current customers alike. With H2O Alarms you can set more appointments, add more value to your package and close more sales, plus increase residual income!

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