Increase your business
with an H2O Alarm


Follow these simple steps for easy use and installation.

Programing/Enrolling WS2G:

  • Program as Day Zone (05) on loop 3
  • Takes 3 minutes and 3 seconds to trip and 3 minutes and 3 seconds to reset.
  • 2GIG panel firmware must be 1.10.1 or higher.

How to sell?

Add more value to each and every sale by using the following sales strategies

  • Instead of a 3 Door and PIR kit. Replace one door contact with a WS2G and then you will sell more contacts and water sensors.
  • Add more monthly revenue, like $3.99 per water sensor per month.
  • Upsale between $50 to $99 per sensor.
  • Remember 28% of homeowner claims are water related. This is a REAL issue, not a luxury.
  • Give one away to close a sale. Most people provide a free smoke detector, but smoke detectors are available from any local store and only have a $9 value in the customer's mind. Customers have never seen H2O Alarms because they are so new and revolutionary. An H2O Alarm's value is what say and communicate the value as.


H2O Alarm was created to help alarm companies better justify their monthly monitoring rates.

With Google buying Nest and with large corporations entering the alarm and security industry, we wanted to create products that add more protection for the homeowner and ensure alarm companies of monthly monitoring.

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